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    My name is Ernie Edwards, I live in north east Florida with my wife Amanda and our two beautiful children. as far back as I can remember I have been passionate about hunting and fishing.  I started tagging along in the turkey woods with my dad around the age of five. After a few years  I got to try to call in my first gobbler. It was an experience that I will always remember from the exact oak hammock we were hunting to the unforgettable sound of that Osceola firing off when I started calling.  

     At the age of 13 I went on my first solo turkey hunt. The satisfaction of bagging a bird that I sweet talked away from all his hens fueled my passion into an obsession. 

     During the spring of 2014 while putting the moves on a wise ole' Osceola I lost my favorite striker leaving me desperate. I quickly whittled a stick just to get by, and to my surprise it didn’t sound half bad.  This sparked my interest in making strikers. I already had some experience using a wood lathe and began turning strikers every chance I got.  When I became bored with making strikers I started experimenting with pot calls. I reached out to a couple of veteran call makers along the way.  After some trial and error and annoying my wife to death I finally perfected my pot call.  

  Each call is made by me. I sound test every single one before it leaves my shop.  I take pride in making a well built call that sounds as good or better than a real life hen. 

  In 2011 I got saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. I know God gave me this passion for turkey hunting for a reason. So I try everyday to honor and glorify him through making these calls in hopes that someone will come to know him as their Lord and Savior. 




Thank you for your interest in my calls,

John 3:16

Ernie Edwards


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